About us

About Us

Products typical of the Lunigiana, certified organic products BIOAGRICERT.
Porcini Mushrooms, accoppata bacon, salami, coppa, sheep cheese, extra virgin olive oil, organic wine, herbs cake, cake with nuts, wholemeal bread, they all cooked in the oven. All this thanks to the patient and decades of esperinza owner Mrs. Nora, always passionate in the culinary arts.

The owner Mrs. Nora.

The restaurant is run by the owner, who prepares delicious cakes, pastries and breads, and with the aid of a wood oven, lasagna, pork chops, pizza etc..

We are an organic farm, controlled by "BIOAGRICERT" (website

www.bioagricert.org BAC Code 096878)
and we can produce almost all the products we offer to our guests.